Friday, September 19, 2014

#20FactsAboutMe Challenge!

1. My name is Febrina Stevani

2. I am the only child on my family

3. I was born in Tebing Tinggi, Medan on February 27th

4. I am A Batak-Sunda Girl! Yes i am! walaupun banyak yang bilang kalo saya gak ada bataknya sama sekali! lol

5. When i was in Junior Highschool i have 2 dream. first, i want to work in a magazine, dan dulu suka banget beli semua majalah remaja (remaja ya :d) trus digunting2 dan ditempel kembali (antara kreatif dan ga ada kerjaan 😜). Second, i wanna be a radio announcer (thank god it came true now ) hehe inget jaman dulu kalau dengerin radio yang didenger bukan lagunya tapi penyiarnya 😜

6. I love pink

7. But i hate when people wear pink from up to toe! Hate it!

8. I love pete! I called it a food from heaven. Seriously, kalo makan (masakan sunda terutama) ada petenya (plus sambel jangan lupa) 4 piring juga jadiii 😁✌️

9. I am an extrovert person, i love to share everything, that's why i love this challenged. 

10. I am a social media person, i have (almost) all social media account. Facebook, twitter, path, instagram, linkedin. You name it! jaman friendster masih jaya, saya punya 25 account!! 

11. I hated worm, snake or any similar animal like them! Pokonya yang ga punya kaki sama yang kakinya banyak. Hate it!

12. I'm a cat lover, i have more than 20 cat in my home.

13. I'm very passionate with what i'm doing now, and thank god i get paid from it

14. I love being on stage, i don't know i just love it!

15. I really love veggie, i'm trying to be a vegetarian although it is so damn hard!

16. I have the best husband in the world, he can be my lover, my friend, my enemy, everything. We've been together since 2007, he always supported me, guide me to become a better person. Love him @satria_agay

17. When i was in junior high school i always dream to marriage in 25, it happen. Another dream come true.

18. I can't live home without my eyebrow makeup! 

19. I have been through the darkest moment in my life and thank god i've been there cuz i learn a lot from it!

20. Last but not least, i thank god for everything that i have, everyhing that happen to me, with no regret.

Done! Your turn now!

Xo @febicil