Monday, February 27, 2012

never know what we've got till it's gone ;)

24 year old ago, on 27 februari 1988.. My parents introduce me to this world...
Dua pasangan yang berbahagia setelah hampir 20 tahun they don't have any child.. then i came...
My 1st birthday, everyone invited,, we're so happy.. It seems like yesterday, when i celebrate my day with my parents..
Time move so fast and i grew up and i forget when was the last time i celebrate my birthday with them.. Until, he passed away.. This is the 1st time (again) i celebrate my birthday at home with mom.. Something is missing, you're not here dad but you're still in my heart forever..
Last birthday wishes from you is on february 2011, you wake me up by phone after i celebrate my birthday with my friends.. I just say thank you and hang up the phone. I wish.. I can turn back time, gue ga akan masalah telfonan seharian sama papa..  I wish .. I can turn back time..

then i came home a week after, you kiss me and say happy birthday to me.. how i miss your smell dad..
thank you for everything, i am 24 years old now.. you're gonna be so proud of upthere...

thanks for all the birthday wishes teman-teman.. 
just a reminder for you that we never know what we've got till it's gone.. celebrate all your special day, special moment with the person you love.. 

birthday girl ;)