Thursday, January 26, 2012

Out of the box

Wew, it's been a while I didn't blog. Hehe

My life is so good lately (thank you god). di awal tahun 2012, I've been thingking about doing something out-of-the-box. Whatever it is yang penting doing something new dan mencoba tantangan baru.

Setelah ngobrol sama beberapa sahabat, gue mulai kepikiran untuk doing-something-new in my life. I don't know, maybe EO or something else. I'm not leaving my dreams to become an entertainer NO! BIG NO! I just wat to do something new..

And here I am...
Now I become the PR Publicist for Marisza Cardoba. Lg ngerjain yayasan Marisza Cardoba Foundation yg akan fokus mengenai ITP. What is ITP? Itu adalah semacam bleeding disorder gitu, anyway I'll explain it on my next post ya hehe (panjang soalnya) ;)

I'm going to start bussines with my boyfie dengan label 'Neng Ucil' hihi. Bisnisnya apa? I'll let u know also later it's gonna be a big-big surprise :p yang pasti di bidang kuliner. Do'aiin ya.. :*

Gosh, I really really grateful with what I'm doing now. Walaupun akhirnya jam kerja dan waktu di rumah itu hanya digunakan u/ tidur (9am-10pm, monday to sunday, no day off) but I'm so so excited..

And of course, I'm so grateful to have my @satria_agay in my life!! He really support me in anything!! I love you boyfiee..

Well, catch you again soon ya. Minta do'anya semoga Marisza Cardoba Foundation nya lancar dan brand 'Neng Ucil'nya cepet ter-realisasi. Amin.

Just like my tagline on my show
"Do your best! What your plan now, you'll harvest later"

xo @febicil