Sunday, November 13, 2011


Monday 07 November 2011. The nite for MC Keren Community.

we gather again at 2nd floor kemang with the event of MC Keren Award 2011 and also celebrating Mami Deby, Papi Cupu and Bundo Kado.

Hendry Cupu, Deby Miranda, Kado Chou.

it's the 2nd year i join this community. they're all just like a family to me. eventhough we compete in a work place we're still friends. we share the info, back up each other, hang out, have fun etc.

the show is soo good.. there is a fashion show from Kado Chou Couture, performance from QueenMozz and NEO, Charity, Dancer, performance from bolang and the award and don't forget the red carpet and it's an honour for me hosting the red carpet :p.

Me with Wiwid Linggarto

with Jefangga a.k.a Bolang

ka onnie, Me, Ka winnie, Mama Maharani, Theo

Mellisa with a lady from yayasan, we do a charity to in this event to help the unpropriate school.

The winner : Maharani as MC Insprired of the year and Theo as MC New Comer

With Queen Mozza

with a super talented Jefangga

Me with Deby Miranda, Theo, Papi Cupu and Firley Lakoni

Endah, Me, Ka Onnie, Eva Yolanda, Firley

Mercia Hanna, Mama MAharani, Me and Tante Elina

Dora Angela, Me, Jillian Goh, Jefangga, Kaka Riki

Happy Birthday to Mami, Papi and Bundo. Succeed for all the member of MC keren community!
see ya on next event!!!

xo, @febicil