Sunday, November 13, 2011

Estee Lauder Beauty Talk at Taman Anggrek

So, Thursday 13 november 2011 me hosting "Estee Lauder Beauty Talkshow" at Metro Taman Anggrek.

The event start on 3pm. talkshow with Mr. Zohn Ho, He's a global premiere make up artist from Estee lauder. He has spent 14 years making woman around the world look and feel beautiful. He has been featured in runway from newyork to paris to asia and in a few high fashion magazine un the world such as Vouge, Female, Instyle, Elle, Bazaar etc.

Me with Mr. Zohn Ho

we can get a free consultation with him and also he'll give us tips and trick how to look and feel beautiful with less makeup and Freebies!! yes we're all love freebies hehe..

Estee Lauder Holiday Package and i'm begging to have this all

Girls bestfriend

The Estee Lauder Corner

The event is held until 7pm and during my way home i heard the news about a man who jumped from the 4th floor of Taman Anggrek, THANKGOD i'm not there and i feel sorry for the men, a stupid men who jumped in a mall.