Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Interview Fabrizio Faniello @Mustang88FM

Do You know this song??? or have you heard this song??

or have you heard about a singer who made a cover version of WALI??

yes, he is. he's Fabrizio Faniello, a pop singer from Malta.

yesterday i got a chance to interview him on my show at 11am-12pm @mustang88fm

to be honest, 3 years i'm in broadcasting world, this is the first time i'll do an interview with international artist. there's a lil bit preassure on me is it my english is good enough? can i build a fun situation during the talkshow?

but, i threw all that fear and i said to my self..

"there's gonna be a first time for everything, all i have to do is just do my best and if shit happen take it as a lesson to learn"

and finally the interview was going sooo fun. once again, i made it! i win from the fear that i made.. yeaayy!!

@febicil ;)