Saturday, January 15, 2011

2010 kaleidoskop

hey all, its kind of late to post i think..
banyak banget kendala yang bikin jadi jarang ngepost lagi hihi..
1. my pc is broke i have to buy a new laptop (still looking now)
2. it feels like too many too wrote...

sebenernya pengen dr sebelum new year to post my 2010 kaleidoskop..
it's like a year story to write down.. :p

so here we go...

- January
for the first time ever i work on bali, mc-ing and also a lil bit holiday. also in this month i still have to do all my college assignment and UAS (god!).

- februari
this month is memorable on my mind. do some mistake,valentine with the-one-i-never-though and i-dont-want!! i want him,well i broke up with my boyfie in this month. had a very dark birthday :)
well, thanks to my jalcom btw for the surpprrise at lacodefin :)
one thing that i learned in this month is 'u never knew what u got till it's gone'
sampe sekarang masih agak sedih kalo di-inget-inget lagi.
well,whatever happened i learned so much.

i have an opportunity to work as mc at JAVA JAZZ FESTIVAL. what an hounour.
and my love is back.. yeay!

had a wonderful experiences,sing with imel ten2five.. u know i really love their song.

do some interview in a view radio station.. :) and also i have an experiences as the host on TPI. eventhough i'm on the 2nd position,still i feel so grateful. :)

work work work, mulai sesdikit lupa sama kuliah (which is bad!)
pekan raya jakarta is on this month..

what a busy month!!
combantrine roadshow and still ics for prj.
sampe jatuh sakit :(

fasting month.. :)
agak sepi job di bulan puasa :)

still busy with on-air and also off air

had a new client kompas gramedia :)
eja wedding,i feel like i already a part of his family.. :)

try to interview on another radio station :D

well,i have to resign from MD RADIO jakarta to try the new opportunity on Mustan FM. pray for me. :)

since that, now im still a training girl on mustang. mari berdoa semoga keterima siaran. i'll tell you on the next blog post okey...

well, one thing that i learned,never ever gonna leave the one who loves u for someone you like. :)

hope this year gonna be my year and yours too.